And the skies cleared… Amber & Leigh

After 3 days of constant drizzle and thunderstorms, Amber and Leigh were married on the lawn at the Sydney International Regatta Centre. The skies magically cleared as if on cue and all that rained down was golden sunshine.

There is always a fascinating mixture of energy before the arrival of a bride, excitement with a hint of nervousness. It seems like a long, almost lonely few minutes for the expectant groom, standing there alone when she’s due to arrive, until he gets to smile into her eyes.

Amber & Leigh’s ceremony was full of honesty, friendship, and laughter. With open and giving hearts, they promised themselves to each other in the company of their nearest and dearest.

It’s an honour each and every time to be involved in capturing the love and emotion on a wedding day. Each one pulls at my heart strings in a totally different way.  In their vows and in every part of the lead up and planning of their wedding day, Amber & Leigh were down-to-earth and strong in who they are as individuals as well as  in their life together.

A golden afternoon gave way to a brisk and starry evening full of even more laughter, joy and of course, dancing.

The people that Amber & Leigh are to their friends and family was made so clear through the loving and open speeches, and evident by all of the thoughtful details seen throughout the reception, not for show or out of following a fashion, but out of generosity of spirit. It was truly a pleasure to be a part of.

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