Ann the photos look fantastic! The boys look almost angelic! Many thanks for your enthusiasm, professionalism and your patience with us. - Mamie Maclean

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Blue Mountains Baby, Kids & Family Photography

Becoming a parent has been an amazing experience, and every day our daughter brings us joy and laughter. It also gives me so much respect for my own loving parents, and every other parent around the world. How could one feel so much love for another?

You won't have to worry about your child behaving perfectly or sitting up straight in our photo session, because that is not who they are to you, the posed child. They are the cheeky giggle with a glint in the eye, the tickles and kisses rolling in the grass, the golden afternoon light shining through their hair as they run and laugh – innocent and free.

Let me keep those moments alive for you. We'll wait through the tantrums, we'll snack when it's morning tea, and we'll make it an hour or two of memories to hold onto rather than an hour you'd rather forget. It's not just the outcome; the prints or the album at the end.

It's the experience.

Call 0416 278 911 or use the online contact form to discover how we can capture this special time in your lives in your own way.

Family Photography Sessions

My approach

Every family is unique, and so the way I plan and create your photo session is different every time. Your investment promises fun, relaxed and upbeat portraits that capture you and your loved ones unique personalities.

You don't have to worry about your 'best side' or feeling uncomfortable posing in front of the camera, I'll focus on creating fun & adventure, bringing out the glowing parent in love with your gorgeous child, your partner, your life.

As I take a photojournalistic approach to family portraits, in our pre-session phone calls and meetings I'll take the time to draw out those things that might seem small, but show your family's bond and love.

Whether it is a tea party in the garden, painting the cubby together, exploring a favourite Blue Mountains walk, splashing in a creek, or a multitude of other activities, the photo shoot will create memories that last.

Baby & Kids Photography Sessions

Sometimes parents just want to have portraits of their beautiful children, to capture a particularly precious phase in their lives.

After the fresh newborn phase, baby photo sessions are great for when bub can push up, or is beginning to get mobile, especially between 6 - 10 months of age.

Toddlers are so full of wonderful energy and this is also another great time for portraits. The fleeting youthfulness of pre-adolescence is a magical phase to capture in a portrait.

Get creative with your ideas on what your kids love to do, finger painting, baking cakes, kicking a ball in one of the Blue Mountains many great parks - anything that engages your child and brings joy to their face is a great idea!

Prints & Photo Products

I love being creative at birthdays and Christmas by giving gifts with meaning. I've created some gorgeous products that take the thinking out of gifting.

Browse the various unique products designed for display in your home and sharing with family & friends afar by clicking here.

Please contact me for a complete list of products and prices.

Blue Mountains, Sydney and Beyond

While I'm based in the Blue Mountains, I often shoot in Sydney and surrounding areas, and up the coast to Nelson Bay. To check if and when I'm in your area for a photo shoot, please contact me.