Ann, I just got the photos from my pregnancy and newborn photo shoot and I feel so full of warmth and happiness! You brilliantly captured our overwhelming happiness with our little angel! Thank you so much! - Sarah Marshall


Blue Mountains Maternity & Newborn Photography

Maternity Photography Sessions

Being pregnant was an amazing time in my life. The wonder of the person growing inside, moving and getting the hiccups was something I marvelled at as each day passed. Once the whirlwind of a beautiful baby begins it can be difficult to imagine that time again. In our session I will capture the natural glowing beauty of your pregnancy, this last phase before your lives transform forever.

You will love to look back on your photos when you have your precious bundle in your arms, and marvel at the miracle of what your body created.


Whether you have enjoyed walks along the beach together, or special time playing guitar to your unborn child, we create a session that has meaning to you.

I am committed to capturing your pregnancy in the way you want to remember it and if that includes tasteful & creative nude shots at your home, we can incorporate that too.

Best time for your maternity session

Maternity sessions are held in the soft light of early morning or late afternoon, to use the best light possible for your shoot. So at this stage of your pregnancy, think about what part of the day you generally feel best, morning, or afternoon after a nap, and we will work around that!

Generally it is best to schedule your maternity shoot between 32 and 36 weeks for your comfort & mobility, and of course due to the unpredictable nature of when your baby will choose to arrive.

I do of course accept bookings right up until 40 weeks and have shot many an overdue baby in the belly too! Browse my gallery to see what I've captured previously.

Blue Mountains, Sydney and Beyond

While I'm based in the Blue Mountains, I often shoot in Sydney and surrounding areas, and up the coast to Nelson Bay. To check if and when I'm in your area at the right time for your maternity photography shoot, please contact me.

Newborn Photography Sessions

Welcoming a newborn into your life is an amazing experience, and for some, the idea of a photo session and the logistics of organising one can seem 'too much' once baby arrives. So it can be great to get the ball rolling before bub is born.

My approach

My approach to newborn photo sessions is one of a relaxed & unobtrusive visitor in the first weeks of your baby's life. With me, there is no need to worry about traipsing to a studio or location.

In the comfort of your home

I photograph you and your newborn in the comfort of your home. We take our time and have a whole 3 hours to get our amazing shots.

If your baby needs a feed, a nappy change or anything else during the session, you can do what you need to do to keep your baby comfortable and happy. Photo sessions are held in the soft light of the morning to use the best light possible for your shoot.


I don't bring props such as buckets, flowers & costumes in which to photograph your baby. I capture your new family in your home environment, surrounded by people and things that are familiar to you. I feel a newborn baby is so perfect and pure in itself it doesn't need 'dressing up' for the photo session.

It can be wonderful to photograph your new baby with any blankets, quilts, or other heirlooms such as a 'teddy' or beanie & booties that has been given to your new baby, to personalise your portraits.

View my natural newborn photography style in the newborn gallery to see examples of what we have achieved previously with this sentimental approach.

When to book a Newborn Session?

This precious newborn phase passes so quickly it can become a foggy memory all too soon. To ensure you don't miss out on this opportunity, when you make your enquiry we discuss your due date, and you put me on your 'people to contact' list following the birth. That way, I can work my schedule to accommodate you as soon as possible.

The ideal window for your newborn photo session would be when baby is between 5 – 12 days old.

How to prepare

It is best to have a nice quiet day planned for the day of your photo session in regards to 'outings' and visitors.

Clothing choices and whether you want your newborn photographed both clothed and nuddy are all discussed prior to your photo session, especially if you have something specific in mind.

I will supply tips on how to prepare your home and yourselves for a peaceful photo session following confirmation of your booking.

Nude Poses

I do a small number of nude sleeping poses with my newborn photography, however it all depends on baby on the day. Your newborn needs to be in a deep sleep for us to achieve those sorts of poses and most definitely needs to be within the 5-12 days old window.

Bump & Bub Packages

By booking both your Maternity & Newborn Sessions at the same time with my Bump & Bub Package, you make a saving on your session fees. See the pricing page for further details.

Call 0416 278 911 or use the online contact form to make your booking.

Blue Mountains, Sydney and Beyond

While I'm based in the Blue Mountains, I often shoot in Sydney and surrounding areas, and up the coast to Nelson Bay. To check if and when I'm in your area at the right time for your newborn photography, please contact me.