When it all falls into place…

Arranging family photo sessions in the Blue Mountains can require some flexibility and patience, and when you have those, the wait is more than worth it. Tracy and I rescheduled our photo session more than a number of times due to rain, mist and illness, and I am so glad we persisted. One thing that Tracy mentioned when we spoke was that she had this image of sunshine and brightness, and as tempting as it was to ‘just get it done’ so the in-laws could see their beautiful family, I knew deep down they weren’t going to fit that vision she had in her head.

Then, one beautiful Saturday morning, it all fell into place. Tracy, and Alex brought the kids to a location I had stumbled upon a few months before. I kept glancing down an alleyway every now and then thinking, one day I’m going to shoot here. And we did. It fits Tracy and Alex perfectly. A little bit mountains, mixed with a little bit of Melbourne, they are the trendiest, most artistic Librarians I have ever met.


As parents know, small children have moods that change like the weather, and the wrong colour t-shirt, or wrong flavoured milkshake can cause major upsets. Photo sessions with little people can be quick moving, sometimes emotional, plus a lot of fun. But for parents with a fixed idea of how their children should be, or look, it can be stressful. I am so grateful that Tracy and Alex put their trust in me and the process, and went with the flow. Trying to let go of the idea of making a small one ‘smile’ for the camera, and creating opportunities for them to engage gives us better results every time. But that process to a parents can come across as chaos, or disorder.

I have found when we let kids be themselves and feel their emotions, we can give them cuddles and kisses, and work through shyness, tiredness, and random craziness we don’t understand to get lovely results, and everyone happy in the process.

I am so grateful to have been a part of capturing this beautiful family, and am very proud to share this sneak peek from our photo session with you.

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