What memories are made of…

In the last weeks of summer, I spent a sunny afternoon with a family that makes my heart melt. So much love and tenderness, and gorgeous smiles. Clare is a mother that I admire for her gentle energy and calm strength. For the photo session we incorporated aspects of their lives that would be something held dear when the children grow up, and handmade felt letters for each child made by Mum was something they were very proud to have me capture.

Hanging out and joking together relaxes everybody – and of course we have to include the fur babies.Siblings are so sweet how they can interact during a photo session, oscillating between competing for my attention, to full of love and affection.

Once we had taken photos at home to capture memories of that special phase of their lives, we went on a walk down a little valley near to Katoomba Falls. I had no idea a special place like this was down the end of my very own street! Going to a special place that Clare and Nav take the kids to frequently meant they could all relax and play together, feeling comfortable in the environment they were all familiar with.Connections happen when we let the kids be themselves, and play along with their energy, reading what it is they need in that moment. A snack? A cuddle? A change of place to explore and throw pebbles? I am so grateful for the opportunity to capture the love and connection between this beautiful family, for their box of memorabilia, but also spending an afternoon creating wonderful memories.

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